General Healthcare Services

Zhongmei Healthcare Group has a long history of engaging in renal disease treatment,which dates back to 1988. Zhongmei Healthcare Group started Qi County Tongji Clinic, the predecessor of Henan Yumei. It owns and operates two for-profit renal disease hospitals: Jingdong Yumei, the only Grade III-A renal disease specialized hospital in China, and Henan Yumei, one of China′s earliest private renal disease specialized hospitals. Our renal disease specialized hospitals are distinguished by our integrative clinical approach that combines TCM treatments with western medical practices.

Zhongmei Healthcare Group also owns and operates Henan Plastic Surgery, a for-profit specialized hospital, offering cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic dentistry and anti-aging services. Henan Plastic Surgery is the first and the largest cosmetic plastic surgery hospital in Henan.

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